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FX and Risk Management

Manage FX risk with our tailored solutions.
Currency markets can impact your bottom line. Our comprehensive and flexible risk management tools help you to protect your business from exchange rate fluctuations.

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The protection you need against market fluctuations.

Understanding your needs

We listen to your needs and provide the right information to make informed decisions.

A strategy that suits you

Our wide range of FX and risk management solutions can be tailored to your company structure and goals.

Dedicated relationship manager

Get dedicated support to manage your international finances, and esure you make the most of our solutions.

FX Solutions for your business

Lock-in an exchange rate to protect your organisation from market volatility


Fixed Forward

Lock in an exchange rate to use at a set date in the future. Suitable if you know the exact date of your inflows and outflows.


Window Forward

Lock in an exchange rate and have the flexibility of using it at any time during a given period.


Dynamic Forward

Lock in an exchange rate for the future and benefit from favourable currency market movements.

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FX risk management is key to ensure financial health of your company

  • Identify and avert risk in unstable market conditions
  • Achieve clear budgeting
  • Protect your margins from foreign currency fluctuations

Compare your options

Ebury's risk management experts will help you create a bespoke strategy to help you fulfil your short and long-term objectives.

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