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Bespoke hedging solutions to help funds take charge of their currency risk

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Tailored FX solutions

With our deep understanding of different fund structures and their nuanced requirements, we help you develop and execute hedging strategies that meet your fund’s needs.

Uncollateralised hedging lines

We usually allow you to book a contract without upfront capital to help you manage your currency exposure.

Historic rate rolls

Wherever possible, we allow you to amend the maturity dates on hedges without the negative cash flow implications.


Our comprehensive FX risk management offering

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Short dated asset acquisitions or disposals

Support to acquire or dispose of assets in non-base currency.

Share class and capital hedging

Bespoke hedging strategies to manage investors’ foreign currency risk.

Longer dated hedging

Manage valuations and balance sheet implications of assets held in foreign currency.

Management fee hedging

Minimise the impact of currency movements on fee income at a fund manager level.

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